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Phantom Ring


A truly one of a kind trio. The Phantom Ring features a 1.98ct emerald cut center diamond with dark inclusions in an "X" shape through the stone. The diamond reads dark gray with light and dark areas in daylight, and almost black at night - but tip the ring in the right direction in direct sunlight and the dark inclusions flash white. A truly mesmerizing, unique diamond - in my decade of sourcing, I haven't seen one quite like it.

The center diamond is flanked by two G/VS trapezoid white diamonds weighing .51ct. The trapezoids are cut in an antique "french cut" style - with fewer facets than a modern brilliant cut, and a glamorous sparkle you have to see to believe. The side stones are set with a hand engraved bezel.

The Phantom Ring is set in 18k yellow gold and is a US size 6. Please allow 2-3 weeks for resizing.